We are your Missing Ingredient.

No matter how fantastic or revolutionary a brand is, without a defined retail sales strategy and ongoing training, education and sales support it will never reach market penetration nor it's true potential. Missing Ingredient leads the industry in providing personalized training, education and sales support (TESS) to beauty brands in major retailers through passionate and experienced Corporate Management, Field Managers and Brand Ambassadors.


Missing Ingredient has a successful formula proven to boost sales, promote brand awareness and provide overall optimal results for many esteemed beauty brands. Through the cultivation of exceptional retailer relationships and the utilization of near real-time sales reporting, Missing Ingredient will elevate your brand in the retail sphere like never before. With experience and passion, our dedicated team works to nurture, enrich and advance your brand. 


We are your retail field team, committed to representing your brand with excellence and sharing the message your brand wants heard. We are the Missing Ingredient your brand needs to become a leader in the fast-growing, highly-competitive retail beauty industry. 





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