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We are your field team; not a staffing agency.

Missing Ingredient believes strongly in representing your brand as if it were our own. Management and Brand Ambassadors consistently service the same accounts and provide training, education and sales support based in extensive knowledge of the brand and retailer. Through this, both Managers and Brand Ambassadors grow connected to brands.

We are knowledgeable.

The Missing Ingredient Management team ensures that Brand Ambassadors are well-trained prior to ever servicing a store. Our mobile-friendly e-learning platform delivers in-depth product and brand knowledge, as well as retailer protocols and guidelines to ensure consistent and thorough training. Missing Ingredient Brand Ambassadors are trained experts. We will proudly represent your brand through knowledge and expertise. Our team has had tremendous success with all kinds of products, ranging from haircare to skincare, fragrance to suncare, tools to body care, and makeup to sunless tanner.

We stay connected.

Through monthly conference calls and webinars, an open dialogue is maintained between brand and Missing Ingredient Management and Brand Ambassadors to effectively plan business strategies, new products, ingredients, events or promotions and success stories. Our portal provides near real-time store visit data, pictures, inventory updates and more. This technology involves Brand Ambassadors using a mobile app which tracks their visit using a variety of field and GPS technology. Application fields may be customized depending on the brand's objective. The brand may view the store visit data at any time. 

We are passionate.

Missing Ingredient provides support through individuals whom are truly passionate, excited and involved in the beauty world. This passion shines through our work, loyalty and commitment to and for your brand.

We build and nurture relationships.

We pride ourselves on our brand and retailer relationships. These relationships are crucial and provide far-reaching results in the retail sphere.


We are proactive.

Missing Ingredient Field Management and Brand Ambassador calendars are solidified on a rolling 60 day basis and shared with the brand for effective event and sales tool planning.

We are team-oriented. 

From the Corporate Team to Field Managers and their Brand Ambassadors, Missing Ingredient works as a team to focus on clear and defined support for brands we represent and endorse. Each member of the Missing Ingredient team understands his or her role within our successful formula.

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