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Missing Ingredient was established in 2004 by Dina Cianchetti.  With an extensive background in the beauty and cosmetic industry, Dina founded the company with the vision to support the retail development of niche brands and the reinvention of brands that may have lost their way.  In 2010, the company began its evolution to where we are today-- the leading service provider for TESS (training, education and sales support).  Our proven formula and strategies have created many success stories and long-term relationships with many well-known beauty, tool, cosmetic, fragrance, suncare, haircare and skincare brands.

We provide our services to brands who require a complete retail field team across the United States, or brands who may only require our services in select markets or retailers.  Because we know the retailers and their protocols well, we have the expertise to uniquely formulate a plan for every brand. Missing Ingredient employs dedicated Field Managers strategically positioned across the United States to ensure the brand's plan and message is on point and consistent.  

Our experience will calm and focus your road to retail success. Please contact us today!

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