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Missing Ingredient performs the following training, education and sales support services in store and at the corporate level:

  • Planning: For effective planning and best start up, 60 days is preferred to begin services. The first month of the agreement is required to organize, train and prepare for successful retail store visits. Based on the level of support needed, management works to establish training schedules and monthly Brand Ambassador hour allocations for store visits within the agreed territory. The territory and store locations are agreed upon in advance of the initial agreement.

  • Training: Before any store visits occur, Corporate Management, Field Management, and dedicated Brand Ambassadors are thoroughly trained on specific brand product information, benefits, points of difference and general use per approved brand guidelines and instructions.

  • Store Visit Planning: Brand Ambassadors contact store management to book in-store support dates 60 days in advance and on a rolling 60 day calendar. These dates are recorded on a published calendar and take into consideration prime scheduling for retailer and/or corporate brand events. Field Managers work closely with their dedicated Brand Ambassadors to ensure they are prepared for store visits.

  • Store Visits: Brand Ambassadors perform specific types of visits or events per their planning calendar. All store staff and retail customers receive brand-specific product information, benefits, points of difference and general use per brand guidelines and instructions. Gratis is offered to store staff trained during visit per brand budget. The brand location is cleaned, stocked and organized per brand schematics or planogram. Any out-of-stocks and brand issues are discussed with retail management for quick resolution.

  • Tracking: Store visit details are captured on Missing Ingredient's portal in near real-time. The data includes, but is not limited to: store location, name of store, manager-in-charge, type of visit, number of hours worked, check of testers, total sales, number of sales associates trained, products sold, check inventory and general store feedback. The brand may access their data within the portal at any time.

  • Communication: Open dialogue is maintained through webinars for ongoing review of business, training tips, new products, overall performance and pertinent brand information. Brand management is invited to meet and travel with our Field Managers. 

  • Sales Material Warehousing and Shipping: Brand tools (samples, testers, brochures, gratis, etc.) are managed with necessary controls and shipped to Brand Ambassadors ahead of planned store visits and events. 


Missing Ingredient performs all services as an independent contractor and bears sole responsibility for its Brand Ambassador and employees. Our TESS services provide successful results along with transparency to ensure the best return on investment. 

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