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MI's Body of Work | Meet the Team

In the vast, changing landscape of prestige retail, what makes MI the premier field support team in the beauty industry? Let’s take a look at Missing Ingredient’s ‘body of work’ when it comes to the roles and responsibilities of the MI Team.

MI Regionals are the heart of the MI Team.  Their role is to recruit, hire, mentor and develop the skills of the field team to meet and exceed all brand and retailer objectives.  Their combined tenure totals 30+ years with MI, and their experience is invaluable to MI's success.

MI Coordinators represent the arms of the MI Team.  Their role is to guide and support, ensuring every team member has the on-going training and tools in place to excel at the highest level.

MI TESS Experts & Brand Ambassadors are the legs of the MI Team.  Their role is the reason for MI - to Train, Event and provide Sales Support.  As the largest segment of the MI team, they carry the strength and energy to run as best-in-class experts across the US.

And who’s at the head of Missing Ingredient's ‘body of work’?  MI Operations.  From driving the exclusive MI reporting platform, supporting one-of-a-kind LMS digital learning architectures and mobilizing the field team to champion brand objectives and retailer requirements, they ensure the MI Team is poised for goal achievement.

Founders Dina Cianchetti & Terry Lawrence imagined, developed and have perfected the unique, elevated model of Missing Ingredient for 20 years.  As a predominantly referral-based business, MI continues to thrive with consistent, repeated successes.

“The primary goal of every MI Field Team member is retail sales.

Our performance at retail delivers ROI to our clients, the key to our success.”

Quite simply it's not a statement, it's a reputation.  Missing Ingredient is the premier field support team in the beauty industry.


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